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The Norfolk Area Economic Development Council and the State of Nebraska offer a variety of incentive programs designed to make funding more available for businesses to expand or locate in the state and for companies already doing business in Nebraska. Committed to retaining and enhancing its business friendly reputation, Nebraska and the Norfolk area stand ready to help businesses grow and become globally competitive.

Nebraska offers sales tax exemptions on manufacturing equipment, manufacturing or processing raw materials, common raw materials, and utilities used in manufacturing to qualifying businesses. Funding sources could also be available to assist with sites and infrastructure such as Site and Building Development Fund, Community Development Block Grant, Tax Increment Financing, and other local sources. 

Most local incentives are considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the Norfolk City Council. 

Most incentives are based on:

  • Capital investment

  • Job creation, payroll

Contact us at 402.844.2260 or to request an application for local incentives. 

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