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Housing Projects

The rate of new housing construction in Norfolk is historically unprecendented. 

Nearly 350 new housing units are currently under construction.  They span projects like Norpark, Wyndham Hills, Walters East Knolls, Legacy Bend, Victory Village, Medelman’s Lake, Madison Villas, etc. Hundreds more units are planned in future phases of these projects and others. These critical additions bring a unique new variety and diversity to the market; they include a mix of high quality multi-family rental units, townhomes, affordable single family homes, and large lot developments. These projects, in many cases facilitated by city-guided incentive policies and infrastructure investment, are distributed throughout Norfolk, bringing new housing options to areas that haven’t seen development for decades. 


Check out some of the housing projects that are in the works right now in the Norfolk area. 

Legacy Bend
Medelman's Lake
WSC Housing
Victory Village 2.jpg
Victory Village
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