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Norfolk Now

Multi-faceted, fresh, vibrant...

Norfolk Now is a groundbreaking, multi-faceted effort to not only retain and attract talent, but to connect individuals to each other and to their community.  The program is having great success building a Norfolk brand, based on our unique identity and sense of place, that is fresh, vibrant, and progressive.  It’s a tremendous community asset.

Norfolk Now works with employers to  develop a robust workforce strategy that in a sense manufactures the talent they need to execute their long-term business strategy.

The CONNECT group, an off-shoot of Norfolk Now, allows for a way to meet and interact with other community members, helping to make their transition to Norfolk successful. 

Norfolk Now has made it possible for us to promote all of the wonderful things we have going on in the Norfolk area. The initiative serves as a platform to share information about the amenities, services, and companies that make our area a great place to live and visit. We have a lot to offer and this is the perfect outlet to help us promote those opportunities to the world.

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