Northeast Nebraska

Welcome to Northeast Nebraska


In Northeast Nebraska, we are always on the move. 


Major rivers, railways, and highways wind their way through the region to ensure that our people and our products proceed to destinations both near and far.  Like most of Nebraska, agriculture propels the region’s economy, but Northeast Nebraska offers so much more, including a diverse manufacturing sector, a multitude of recreational activities, and an unmatched quality-of-life. 


We encourage you to explore Northeast Nebraska and to see how we are keeping Nebraska on the move.

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In 2017, the Norfolk area hosted the Nebraska Diplomats, a private organization dedicated to economic vitality in Nebraska. This video features highlights from the day. 

"What matters is our common goal — the unifying thread that binds us together. Building communities that are good, that are safe, and that provide fulfilling and rewarding opportunities for families ... to do meaningful work, pursue happiness and feel loved and a sense of belonging.” 

- Norfolk Mayor Josh Moenning

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