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Madison County, Nebraska

Welcome to Madison County in Nebraska.

Home of famous Tonight Show host Johnny Carson and located in the middle of Northeast Nebraska, Madison County serves as a hub for the communities that call this region home. This 24-mile square county located in northeastern Nebraska was first defined and named for President James Madison in 1856.

Madison County, with Madison as its county seat and Norfolk as its most populated city, ranks as Nebraska’s seventh most populated county with 35,585 in the 2020 census. Madison County, Nebraska is approximately 120 miles northwest of Omaha and 70 miles southwest of Sioux City, Iowa. The namesake of the tri-county area, the Elkhorn River, flows throw the county. Although Madison County is largely agricultural in nature, it is also supported by several large manufacturing facilities and a dynamic healthcare system, thus creating a diversified economy seeking highly-skilled labor and serving the needs of residents throughout the United States.

Other communities in the county, aside from Madison and Norfolk, are Battle Creek, Meadow Grove, Newman Grove and Tilden. With the high quality of life and many amenities of the area, you will find that Madison County is the perfect place to raise a family and achieve your career goals.


Battle Creek is nestled on the Battle Creek in the lush Elkhorn River Valley in north central Madison County.  A thriving community with a population of approximately 1,200 people that prides itself for its small-town way of life.


Meadow Grove is a village in Madison County, Nebraska, with a population of 301 and is located 17 miles west of Norfolk.  Meadow Grove was named by the Fremont and Missouri Valley Railroad because of its location: a meadow to the west and a cottonwood grove of trees to the south.  


Not only is Madison the county seat for Madison County, it is also a perfect location for a home to plant your roots or business location. Madison, population 2,438, features a strong agriculture base including rail service through the industrial area.


Newman Grove is an agricultural based community of about 800 people.  If you have never lived in a small town, you do not know what you are missing.  Newman Grove is rich in history and family, a true community in the full sense of the word.  


Tilden, with a population of 951, is located 22 miles west of Norfolk, Nebraska and situated on the Antelope and Madison County line. Tilden was voted the “Best Place to Raise Kids in Nebraska” by Bloomberg in 2011.


Norfolk is the economic center for an area encompassing six counties. Major economic activities of Norfolk are manufacturing, healthcare, education, and distribution. Norfolk is the major retail trade center for Northeast Nebraska.

"What matters is our common goal — the unifying thread that binds us together. Building communities that are good, that are safe, and that provide fulfilling and rewarding opportunities for families ... to do meaningful work, pursue happiness and feel loved and a sense of belonging.” 

- Norfolk Mayor Josh Moenning

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