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Profit Opportunities

Nebraska offers a wide range of locational advantages to manufacturers

Nebraska Public Power District’s (NPPD) series of industry opportunity studies analyze and quantify the industrial location advantages of NPPD’s service area and communities for specific targeted industry groups. The studies compare the geographically-variable operating costs for NPPD’s service area with the geographic areas where these industries have traditionally been concentrated. In each study a model plant that is representative of the respective industry group is “constructed” and used to quantify these geographically-variable costs. The comparative advantages of NPPD’s service area are then quantified by the two principal cost dimensions (labor-related and energy costs) that vary geographically.

An attractive business climate, a well-educated and productive labor force, reliable supplies of low cost energy, and a location central to national markets are among the leading advantages of a Nebraska location. These studies have been developed specifically for use by manufacturers to show how a Nebraska plant location can help them better respond to market conditions and significantly improve their competitive positions. Read on to learn more about what each study offers.

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