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Norfolk, Nebraska

Welcome Project Country Roads

Located at the intersect of U.S. Hwy 81 Expressway and Nebraska Hwy 275, Norfolk is situated directly in between the two longest east to west interstate systems in the nation (80 & 90) as well as 60 minutes from the north to south running I-29.


Our Northeast Nebraska community with a population of just over 25,000 is a regional retail and medical services leader. Good industrial diversification includes steel production and fabrication, industrial hose production, value added Ag, and food processing.


Norfolk has a pro-business climate and local leadership is focused on ensuring our industries have the infrastructure, workforce, and tools needed to succeed in the global economy.

Site A | McHeirs 55 acres

This video is taken from a vantage point towards the northeastern boundary of the site. Nucor Steel and direct access to the Northeast Industrial Highway lie immediately north of the site. The Louis Dreyfus Ethanol plant lies immediately west of the site. 

Site B | McHeirs 175 acres

This video was taken along the north side of the site boundary driving east to west. 

Site C | V-150 106 acres

This video is taken from a vantage point on the east property boundary. 

Site D | Edwin Kay 130 acres

This video was shot from the southwest side of the site. Surrounding facilities include the former Tyson plant to the west and Hiland Dairy immediately north. Though not shown in the video, the City wastewater plan lies immediately south of the site. 

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