Norfolk Business Park

Greater Norfolk Economic Development Foundation Business Park Information

The Greater Norfolk Economic Development Foundation (GNEDF) has contracted with Olsson, Inc. to conduct comprehensive diligence, master planning, and preliminary platting of a 140-acre tract of land in southwest Norfolk. The GNEDF is interested in making parcels available for light industrial and heavy commercial businesses. ​

To learn more about the business park, or to have your company's name added to a list of interested businesses, contact Candice Alder at or 402-844-2263. 

  • Site Overview

    • Location

    • Legal description

    • Zoning

    • Electrical capacity

    • Water

    • Wastewater

    • Natural gas

    • Fiber

    • Flood plain summary

    • Wellhead protection specifications

    • Proximity to highways

    • Maps - floodplain, fiber, water/wastewater, proximity to Norfolk